Our mission is to be the most aligned fund for Founders at the seed stage.

As we've pursued this goal we've been fortunate to back hundreds of startups.

Here’s What We Believe


We have great empathy for founders. We’ve been there.

Second generation pharmacist TJ Parker, and his co-founder Elliot Cohen, had a compelling vision of a robot-powered pharmacy. Disrupting an oligopoly isn’t for the faint of heart and we proudly invested the first capital into PillPack. We've been empathic supporters ever since.

PillPack Founders TJ Parker & Eliot Cohen
TradeDesk Rings the Nasdaq Bell

Great startups practice efficient entrepreneurship

We believe entrepreneurs should try to raise as little money as possible to accelerate their businesses, while preserving ownership. Startups don’t have to raise billions to be worth billions—a point proven by The Trade Desk which raised just $22.5M in VC before earning a billion dollar IPO.


The future belongs to the weird & wonderful

Founder Collective is deliberately anti-thematic. We don’t have a thesis , but when Embark showed us the future of doggy DNA, we couldn’t resist. Visionary founders have shown us that the weird use cases of today can become the hot themes of tomorrow. 

Dia & Co Founders Lydia Gilbert and Nadia Boujarwah

Staged Capital - The Right Amount for the Right Stage

We only invest at the seed stage and don’t follow-on which means when it comes time to raise the next round we are fully-aligned with the founding team. We provided the initial capital that enabled Dia&Co to expand beyond their first Bushwick warehouse -- then sales exploded.

When it came time to raise more money, We could provide Nadia and Lydia with objective advice and act as a sounding board.

We’re our own biggest investors

Our mission is to be the most aligned fund for founders at the seed stage. Everyone on the investment team has started a company and understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.